Public Transportation / Vehicle for Hire

In 2016 we developed a Public Transportation specific version of the ARLS system. Using our experience developing a system for Miami-Dade PTD in the 2000s we were able to figure out ways to significantly reduce operator efforts for our new ARLS system.

The ARLS system supports the classic Company/Medallion/Vehicle and Company/Driver relationships, with minimal operator efforts. The system includes tightly integrated Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections capabilities.

Uses 1/3 less labor than other systems, via VHF specific functionaly included with the system.

Highlights of the System Include

  • Automation of linkages for Company/Medallion/Vehicle/Inspections
  • Inspections using iPad or Tablet, launched via bar code on Vehicle
  • Automatic notification of outstanding Citations when working with customers
  • Easy transfer of medallions / permits to new vehicles
  • Quick entry of Citations & Warnings with autofill of most fields
  • Bulk creation of medallions / permits
  • Task specific flows to make the system simple to use.
  • Driver Photo ID integration
  • Remote staff access using Smartphones, tablets, and iPads without the need for special Apps.

What our customers are saying

“The New PVDL application is way quicker, before it would take me around 5 min to do one, now it takes me around 3 min!”
- Licensing Technician

“When the inspectors issue tickets, love how the ticket comes up when pulling up the driver’s name. “
- Senior Customer Service Representative

“The ENTIRE system is ridiculously easy [to use]”
- Senior Customer Service Representative

“The ease of transferring a permit to a new vehicle made switching to the new system worthwhile.”
- Senior Inspector

Seeing is believing, ask to see a demo today