Company Information

In 2016 an Executive Director of an agency using an old CAVU (AKA: Tyler, MIcroPact, Iron Data) system reached out to us and asked if we could help them improve their operations.

Their system had gotten stale, and they wanted something new that was user friendly and could provide better automation.

As our staff had been involved with developing one of the most successful licensing systems in the 2000s, we decided to develop an entirely new system that included a user-friendly interface normally found on smartphones and tablets.

The rest is history and now ARLS easily provides the best Customer & Staff experience and performance of any State Government licensing system available today

Your Solution
ARL Systems uses a consulting type approach. Our process is to spend time understanding your business, injecting knowledge and best practices experience into the mix, and helping your management decide which direction and decisions would be best for your organization. When our solutions are not the best fit, we can help you engage other solution providers and manage the project on your behalf. This will ensure you receive the best solution.

Our teams have won dozens of accolades from customers, and we gained a reputation of 100% customer satisfaction and project success. There simply is no comparison.

Today we help organizations like yours with over 40 years of business and technology experience. You will be able to make a real, profitable difference for your customers with new technology and advanced business processes.

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