The ARLS system comes with a robust and configurable inspection tool, that is integrated with the Licensing and Enforcement components of the ARLS system.

Users with iPads can launch inspections by simply scanning a bar code attached to the item, such as a license or permit. The system will auto-fill the fixed information parts of the inspection with the operator filling in the inspection results

To minimize inspector’s effort re-Inspections automatically show failures from prior inspection. This saves a great deal of time by allowing the inspector to concentrate on specific areas instead of having to research past inspections or redoing the entire inspection

What our customers are saying

“The New PVDL application is way quicker, before it would take me around 5 min to do one, now it takes me around 3 min!”
- Licensing Technician

“When the inspectors issue tickets, love how the ticket comes up when pulling up the driver’s name. “
- Senior Customer Service Representative

“The ENTIRE system is ridiculously easy [to use]”
- Senior Customer Service Representative

“The ease of transferring a permit to a new vehicle made switching to the new system worthwhile.”
- Senior Inspector

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