Government Solutions

Fact: Most Government Licensing Solutions are more than 10 years old and use early 2000s software

In 2016 we reinvented Government Licensing Software to use current trends found in found on newer computers, smartphones and tablets. We included best practices learned over the past 20 years designing and implementing some of the biggest and most powerful Licensing systems in use today

The result is ARLS, the most Advanced Regulatory and Licensing System available today. It uses current technology to provide you the fastest and friendliest user experience going.

New Features Include:
  • Remote staff access using Smartphones, tablets, and iPads without the need for special Apps
  • Electronic Contact Communications (Email, SMS Text & Automated Voice)
  • Advanced Automation – using customer specific coding for maximum customer performance
  • Auto-Fill Fields to minimize operator data entry efforts

Differences with other systems:
  • Blazingly fast, no more annoying screen refreshes
  • Easy to use and configurable to follow your processes
  • Automation of things that are manual in other systems
  • Works with Windows 10, Smartphones, and tablets with no additional software needed

Differences with other companies:
  • No upfront license fees
  • Each delivery is personalized / customized to meet your agency’s specific needs
  • All of our solutions can be Cloud hosted to eliminate the need for customer servers

What our customers say

“The overall consensus is that the system is light years ahead of where we were”
-- Executive Director

“The ENTIRE system is ridiculously easy [to use]”
- Senior Customer Service Representative

Seeing is believing, ask to see a demo today

We're Different

Real Business Advice. Your system will exceed your expectations as we integrate best practices learned from helping others over 26 years.

Minimum Risk. We have a proven 100% implementation success rate.

Custom Fit. Optimize your business performance with system customization.

New System Benefits

Benefits you could get from a new system
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Profits
  • Lowered Business Risk
  • Greater Operational Efficiency


The Department of Business License in one of America's high growth counties is using a business automation system we designed to flawlessly bill and collect over $600M in revenue each year. They paid for the system quickly by eliminating the need for an IBM mainframe, and by reducing labor costs associated with merging their five older systems into one single consolidated business solution.