Occupational Licensing

The ARLS system is the most advanced Government Regulatory & Licensing solution available today.

This system was a totally redesigned from the ground up in 2015 using best practices and current automation trends to create an optional user interface and to provide the most automated solution available.

We have all the Expected Features as our competitors and more

  • Remote staff access using Smartphones, tablets, and iPads without the need for special Apps.
  • Electronic Contact Communications (Email, SMS Text & Automated Voice)
  • Document Imaging / Management (for paperless office and instant access to documents)
  • Advanced Automation – Using customer specific coding for maximum customer performance.
  • Auto-Fill Fields to minimize operator data entry efforts.

Standard Functionality Includes

  • Contact Management
  • Credentialing
  • Workflows (programable unlike our competitors)
  • Enforcement
  • Compliance
  • Complaints
  • Document Management
  • Finance / Revenue
  • Exams / Testing
  • Automated interfaces to Vendor Systems
  • Mass Mailing
  • Report Generator
  • Automated Document Generation
  • Automated Corespondance
  • Work Queues (Licensing and Enforcement)
  • Inspections
  • Complex Relationships
  • Continuing Education
  • Ease of adding Custom Functionality
  • More...

Online Functional Areas


  • Public Searches & License Information
  • Online Complaint Entry
  • CE Course Locator (Find a course near you)
  • CE Status Lookup
  • License Validator
  • More...


  • Credential Account Maintenance
  • CE Status Information
  • Online Renewals
  • Online Certificate Printing
  • Online License Application
  • Workflow Status, Communications & Document Upload
  • Exam Signup
  • CE Sponsor Interface & Maintenance Portal
  • Vendor Portals
  • API for Government Agency License Verification
  • More...

What our customers are saying

“The New PVDL application is way quicker, before it would take me around 5 min to do one, now it takes me around 3 min!”
- Licensing Technician

“When the inspectors issue tickets, love how the ticket comes up when pulling up the driver’s name. “
- Senior Customer Service Representative

“The ENTIRE system is ridiculously easy [to use]”
- Senior Customer Service Representative

“The ease of transferring a permit to a new vehicle made switching to the new system worthwhile.”
- Senior Inspector

Seeing is believing, ask to see a demo today