High Performance SaaS Software Solutions

Our SaaS Offerings have over 15 years of refinement and use the latest Internet paradigms of: Microsoft.NET MVC, JQuery, JSON, HTML5, responsive design, and SPA functionality

Our Proven Design and How It Works

SaaS Application
One instance can support many different customer sites
Each site has its own configuration to handle customer specific needs and differences
Supports desktop, tablet, and mobile devices dynamically from same code page using responsive web design
Provides Staff, Membership, and Public access portals from same application site
Highly scalable and responsive with ability to use application pooling and multiple servers

SaaS Real Time Communication Instance
One instance can support real time communications for multiple application instances
Provides real-time or time-of-day based Phone, SMS text, and email communications

SaaS Master Site Database
Controls what customer sites are active, software versioning and system error recording

Customer Site Instance Database[s]
Contains the customer information and customer site configuration and customizations

Customer Site Instance File Store[s]
Stores non-database information (photos, documents, etc.) for each customer
Can be centrally located for use by multiple servers

System Database Updates
Intake for the system update process and validates updates prior to their release

System Update and Monitoring Process
Propagates system updates to the customer site databases in a reliable and orderly manner
Monitors the customer sites for fault detection and records system errors if they occur

Real Time Fault Notification
This process immediately notifies system staff members of errors that may occur with the system so they can be corrected without the need for a customer to place a trouble call

What makes us different
One Application Supporting
  • Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices dynamically from same code page
  • Staff, Membership, and Public access from same application site
  • Customization via Configuration instead of customer specific code pages
    • Enables high scalability, allowing use of additional servers as needed
    • Enables use of clustered server environments
    • Allows each customer to make changes as needed without IT support or code changes
    • When new features are added they become available to all customers without additional costs
      Note: You can to charge the customer for the new feature as desired
  • Real Time error detection and reporting
  • Real Time & Scheduled messaging via: Phone(Voice), Email, and SMS Text

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